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COCOMING SONG: Classed to for PEC Safeland and Core Colance. 

We at reWard Advocates are:


  • Advocates for the field of Fire Protection in general. Fire protection & life safety is our professional passion.  We have devoted our lives and careers to it.


  • Advocates for the CFPS Credential itself.  We strongly believe this is an outstanding professional credential, and is a valuable addition to the fire professional’s resume; even those who are Professional Engineers.  The fact that the CFPS is ANSI accredited speaks volumes, and further proves its value.


  • And most importantly for you, we are advocates for YOUR success in becoming a Certified Fire Protection Specialist.


Accordingly, we have developed the PREMIER exam preparation course for CFPS. Our philosophy is that YOU, the CFPS candidate, know your strengths and skills better than anyone.  We equip you with the tools and insights necessary, when combined with your own strengths, to be successful at passing the CFPS exam on the first attempt.

reWard Advocates, LLC is in no way affiliated with the National Fire Protection Association, nor their certification department. 


 - The Exam Blueprint

 - Navigating the FPH 20th Edition

 - Test Taking Strategies

 - Mock Exam Questions

 - Core Concepts of Fire Protection Expertise

Upcoming Classes: 

DALLAS-FORT WORTH under development for March 2019

HOUSTON under development for April 2019

CHICAGO area under development for May 2019

LAS VEGAS under development for June 2019

Check back frequently for class offerings updates -

potentially in other US Cities as market demand dictates.

* Please note the ultimate CONVENIENCE of our “home” class location! The hotel is centrally located in north Texas for the convenience of local students, and is just outside the property of DFW International Airport for students who fly in. The hotel offers a free airport shuttle for guests, a full breakfast for guests, and SEVEN RESTAURANTS all within easy walking distance of the hotel.  


SEE MAP BELOW.               




David Ward
Mark Hasenmyer
Michael W. Rader

David Ward

Michael W. Rader

Mark Hasenmyer




Contact us by filling out either the online form below or clicking on our Training Site Survey to express your preferences for when and where training is offered.  We are available for booking on-site classes at your company headquarters, at significant savings. 


reWard Advocates, LLC is in no way affiliated with the National Fire Protection Association, nor their certification department. 

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